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Comprehensive Service
Computerised Database

We currently have 8 mobile units, which feature the Storz Modulith SLK Lithotripter (regarded as one of the most adaptable lithotripters available). All units feature X-Ray and Ultrasound Localisation (X-Ray via a mobile image intensifier) and the latest computer guided targeting from Storz Medical of Switzerland.

Focus Medical Services take pleasure in providing a fully comprehensive and supportive service to our client hospitals.

This involves delivery, installation and testing of all equipment prior to commencing a treatment session.

We provide fully qualified lithotripsy technicians who have a wide range of knowledge and experience in treating renal calculi and Peyronies disease. All staff are CRB checked and HPC registered.

At the end of a treatment session all equipment is efficiently dismantled and removed by our staff.

Computer Auditing

A valuable addition to our service is provided by our very own computer auditing system ‘FocalTrack’. This allows free access to all data regarding treatment; for example, it is possible to compare efficacy of treatments for calculi at any position within the renal tract, including size, position and number of treatments etc.

Cost Effective
Mobile Lithotripsy

Consistency and reliability of service is one of our main aims. In order to achieve this we ensure that all of our staff are trained to the highest levels in the administration of our service.

We also employ our own fully qualified service engineer, which allows for rapid on site repair if necessary. Additionally full technical support is available from Storz Medical in Switzerland.

focus medical mobile lithotripsy

focus medical mobile lithotripsy

focus medical mobile lithotripsy